Our Agents

  • Daniella Charlton

    Licensed R.E. Sales Person

    In five short years, and despite a challenging market, she has been involved in approximately fifty million dollars of sales, including representation of both luxury buyers and sellers of some of the finest Hamptons homes.

    Office: 631-324-0009
    Mobile: 631-466-2458
    Mail: dcharlton@rosehippartners.com
  • Elizabeth Curtin

    Licensed R.E. Sales Person

    Rosehip Partners is a natural fit for Liz who loves sales and loves helping people any way she can.

    Office: 631-324-0009
    Mobile: 631-513-5528
    Mail: lcurtin@rosehippartners.com
  • Renee Dahl

    Licensed R.E. Sales Person

    No dream is too big, or too small, Renee and her team are dedicated to helping loyal buyers, sellers and renters realize their goals, confident that they have been guided by the utmost skill, knowledge and service.

    Office: 631-324-0009
    Mobile: 917-405-4846
    Mail: rdahl@rosehippartners.com
  • Kevin Flaherty

    Licensed R.E. Sales Person

    The skills he has developed working in the restaurant industry have honed a strong customer service orientation and a focus on making certain that his clients are listened to and their requirements met, in other words that they are satisfied, happy customers.

    Office: 631-324-0009 x302
    Mobile: 631-905-9410
    Mail: kflaherty@rosehippartners.com
  • Joseph Kazickas

    Licensed Real Estate Broker

    Joe's diverse business experience lends itself to the development of Rosehip, a company which is as much in the information management business as it is in real estate brokerage.

    Office:631-324-0009 x302
  • Lisa Levitin

    Licensed R.E. Sales Person

    Instead of making a deal, Lisa feels more as if she is helping her customers realize a dream, finding the ideal house for each of her customers as well as the ultimate buyer for each seller wishing to pass on their bit of paradise.

    Office:631-324-0009 x304
  • James Makrianes

    Licensed R.E. Sales Person

    His diligence in providing both buyers and sellers with up-to-date and accurate listing and buying advice has led to over $125,000,000 in transactions representing the seller, the buyer, or both.

    Office: 631-324-0009 x302
    Mobile: 516-480-3255
    Mail: jmakrianes@rosehippartners.com
  • Angela Morrison

    Licensed R.E. Sales Person

    Angela is constantly striving to outdo her personal best and her positive attitude keeps her presence in the office strong.

    Office: 631-324-0009 x302
    Mobile: 631-445-7614
    Mail: amorrison@rosehippartners.com
  • George Muhlfeld

    Licensed R.E. Sales Person

    His personal and professional approach is a valued asset in working with his customers.

    Office: 631-324-0009 x302
    Mobile: 201-394-5999
    Mail: gmuhlfeld@rosehippartners.com
  • Diane Shifman

    Licensed R.E. Sales Person

    She loves helping people and solving problems and focuses her practice on listening to the needs and wants of her clientele. Her attention to detail is unsurpassed and she is one of Rosehip's top performing agents and a natural self-starter.

    Office: 631-324-0009 x302
    Mobile: 973-818-4392
    Mail: dshifman@rosehippartners.com
  • James Young

    Licensed Real Estate Broker

    Recognizing the Internet's power to transform brokerage, he founded Rosehip Partners with like minded, veteran entrepreneur, Joe Kazickas in 2008 and has led the development of Rosehip's multifaceted technical platform.

    Office: 631-324-0009 x303
    Mobile: 631-276-9381

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